Childbirth Education

An informative and valuable preparation for birth with classes covering all aspects of pregnancy, labour, birth and more.  Quality childbirth education led by qualified Childbirth Educators.

All classes are run in a friendly learning environment with a group of expectant parents from your local area.  Ideal for couples or you and your support person.

There is no cost to expectant parents as our childbirth education classes are all fully funded.

What will you learn in a Childbirth Education Class?


  • Coping with and enjoying pregnancy
  • Keeping healthy for you and your baby
  • Prenatal care and caregiver choices
  • Understanding physical and emotional changes


  • Choosing your birthplace
  • Signs of Labour – how to know when you are in labour
  • What happens during labour
  • Understanding when labour dosen’t go to plan
  • The important role that dads and support people have
  • Knowing your rights; decision making during labour

Life with a new baby:

  • Feeding and meeting your baby’s needs
  • Transition to parenthood
  • Changes to your relationship
  • Early days at home; challenges and emotions
  • Practical parenting skills and tips
  • What next? Support available and ongoing parent education with Parents Centre

We have a range of classes to choose from:

  1. 6 weeknight sessions over a 6 week period
  2. 6 weeknight sessions over a 3 week period (2 classes per week)
  3. Intensive class – 2 full day classes on a Saturday



The 2021 class scheduled is listed below, it is recommended to attend a course that will end as close to your 36 week mark as possible. This ensures that you are in a class with parents of similar due dates and babies around the same age for future coffee groups.

Course TypeTimesClass Start DateClass End Date
2021 Dates
2 Saturdays
9am – 4pm27 February6 March
3 Weeks
Tues & Thurs Nights
7-9:30 pm9 March25 March
2 Saturdays
9am – 4pm20 March27 March
6 Wednesdays Nights
7-9:30pm31 March5 May
3 Weeks
Tues & Thurs Nights
7-9:30pm6 April22 April
2 Saturdays9am – 4pm10 April17 April
2 Saturdays9am – 4pm1 May8 May
6 Monday Nights
7-9:30 PM3 May14 June
3 Weeks
Tues & Thurs Nights
7-9:30 pm4 May20 May
2 Saturdays9am – 4pm22 May29 May
3 Weeks
Tues & Thurs Nights
7-9:30 pm1 June17 June
2 Saturdays9am-4pm12 June19 June
6 Monday Nights7-9:30 pm28 June2 August
2 Saturdays9am-4pm3 July10 July
3 Weeks
Tues & Thurs Nights
7-9:30 pm6 July22 July
2 Saturdays9am-4pm24 July31 July
3 Weeks
Tues & Thurs Nights
7-9:30 pm3 August19 August
2 Saturdays9am-4pm14 August21 August
6 Monday Nights7-9:30 pm16 August20 September
2 Saturdays9am-4pm4 September11 September
3 Weeks
Tues & Thurs Nights
7-9:30pm7 September23 September
2 Saturdays9am-4pm2 October9 October
6 Monday Nights7-9:30 pm4 October15 November
3 Weeks
Tues & Thurs Nights
7-9:30pm5 October21 October
2 Saturdays9am-4pm23 October30 October
3 Weeks
Tues & Thurs Nights
7-9:30pm2 November18 November
2 Saturdays9am-4pm6 November13 November
2 Saturdays9am-4pm27 November4 December
3 Weeks
Tues & Thurs Nights
7-9:30pm30 November16 December
2 Saturdays9am-4pm11 December18 December

To book a class, please complete this online form if a class is full you may register to go on the waiting list.

We will confirm your enrolment details, we keep our classes to a maximum of 12 couples, if your booking is for a class that has reached this limit we will be in touch. We do require a minimum of 6 women to run the course, in the event we do not have enough registered then we will notify you no later than 2 weeks before the course and attempt to get you in the next course.

Please book early as spaces fill quickly!