Moving and Munching

This programmes follows on from ‘Baby and You’, it explores from 4 – 12 months of your baby’s life.

This is an exciting time ‘your baby’s emerging exploration of the environment and discovery of first foods’ and as a new parent this can be a difficult time not knowing how to go about introducing solid foods and what issues you need to be aware of now that your baby is (or is getting closer to) being on the move.

The two components of the programme are:


  • identifying areas of your home environment that might need safety proofing
  • encouraging the development of your baby’s fine and gross motor skills by identifying age appropriate play and toys
  • identifying areas of language, intellectual and social development that helps to stimulate your baby’s learning


  • when and how to introduce solids into your baby’s diet
  • how to continue to include milk in your baby’s diet
  • exploring the need for changes in textures, tastes and the quantity of solids over time
  • ways to encourage your baby to develop healthy attitudes to food

This programme runs over: Two 2 hour sessions over 2 weeks,

Please contact us to book your place or for further information.